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Saturday, November 18, 2017

A little for all

The Link Cafe, Sheraton  Hyderabad Hotel has new menu round the clock

The story of anokhi kheer, a unique hyderabadi dessert

The dish is prepared the same way as you prepare any other kheer, but the main trick is to prevent the pungency of onion from overwhelming the taste

Penguins, wines and fynbo trails

In this final part of the series, the author does quad biking through rare plant species, sees the African Penguin from up close at one of the largest successful breeding colonies, and more

This Ganesh grows in your home

After the immersion, the statue will turn into a plant. The clay statue is placed on a pot filled with soil, seed and all ingredients necessary for plant growth. Once you pour water on it, the clay in

City women  to bond over aug 15 midnight freedom walk  

The third edition of the walk is bringing together over 500 women from all walks of life including ten women who have been leaders in their own right, to talk about the woman’s freedom of choice, her

Bantia’s ‘freedom day’ sale till august 15  

Providing affordable products since 1955, Bantia Furnitures, an ISO-9001:2008 Certified Company, is offering its Independence Day Sale with discounts upto 80 percent.

Acquitted happy to be free but jailers think they’re guilty 

Prison officials claim that as undertrials the accused were confident of acquittal even as the hyderabadis released allege custodial torture.

HMDA to procure clay Ganesh idols  

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Developmental Authority has decided to procure 30,000 clay Ganesh idols of eight inches size to be sold at discounted prices in eight locations.

GES’17 to focus on role of women 

With a theme of Women First, Prosperity for All, highlighting the critical role women play in fostering global growth and prosperity, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be held in Hyderabad.

Akun Sabharwal recalls how the drug racket snowballed into sensational case

Sabharwal recalled he received a call on July 1 from the station regarding a drug peddler not cooperating with the police.

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